Companions classification in TribalPunk

TribalPunk is a strategy game, so each Companion in the game plays an important role in the team. The following is a classification list of Companion groups. Note that some Companions can have characteristics of more than one group, the following list is classified based on the most easily identifiable characteristics of those Companions:

1. Group of Tanker Companions

Tanker is a group of Companions with basic stats in favor of health and defense, self-healing, increasing self-resistance, creating armor, counterattack, ... and most of them are melee Companions. This is a must-have Companions group in any team. A  quality Tanker Companion will buy a lot of time for the back row to attack the enemy. The following is a list of Tanker Companions:



Skill Characteristics


Self heals when using skills, when health reaches 0 will become invulnerable for up to 9 seconds.


Creates thick shields and receives all damage  for allies, increasing defense each time he takes damage.


Reflects most damage to attacking enemies


Increases maximum Health Point, immune to control effects for a long time


Creates shields for the whole team, self-healing as a percentage of health per second


Normal attack has a chance to become Invincible


Increases team's defense and  immune to control effects for a long time, reduces skill cooldowns when enemies are affected by negative effects


Reflects damage taken to all enemies on the field


2. Group of DPS Companions 

DPS is a group of Companions with high attack stats and attack speed, skills mainly dealing damage and enhancing their own attack ability. These Companions can be melee or ranged. Like Tanker, DPS is an indispensable part of the squad, the main source of damage to help players win enemies easily. The following is a list of DPS Companions:



Skill Characteristics


Deals damage based on enemy's missing Health, heals and increases own attack each time killing an enemy


Attack multiple times in a small area, permanently increasing self attack after using active skill


Increases attack speed and deals damage when using active skills, finishing enemies below a certain amount of health point


Deal great damage to the enemy. When killing an enemy with a basic attack, the active skill cooldown is reduced


Increases crit chance and becomes untargetable if allied on the field, attacks small area and applies Charm for enemies (Enemies attack their own allies)


Deals damage based on enemy's maximum health point


Deals damage based on the amount of enemy's debuffs, dealing an extra hit every time a certain number of hits is reached


Deals damage to all enemies and reduces defense, increases attack for all squads when an enemy falls


Attacking an enemy with a burning rate, deals damage over time


Deals damage to all enemies and poisons them, dealing damage over time while drastically reducing their healing.


Reduces enemy defense, dealing damage over time



3. Group of Control Companions 

Control is a group of Companions that have skills to control opponents such as stun (cannot operate), silence (cannot use skills), disarm (cannot attack normally), reset skills,... Control is used in many different formations because of the discomfort they bring for the enemy. The following is a list of Control Companions:



Skill Characteristics


Stun for a long time and damage enemies when using active skills


Silences all enemies, reducing the attack of the enemy with the highest attack


Active skill causes the enemy with the highest attack to be “Disarmed” (unable to do normal attacks) and increases attack if the enemy is under negative effects


Deals damage and silences (Cannot use skills) to the enemy with the highest attack, basic attacks have a chance to stun the enemy


Deals damage and stuns enemies, each certain number of attacks will control the enemy (making it attacking its own allies)


Basic attacks have a chance to reset the enemy's skill cooldown.


Resets an enemy’s skill cooldowns, stunning any enemies that gain negative effect on Siren

4. Group of Healer Companion

Healers are responsible for recovering teammates from enemy attacks. Except for some pre-emptive attack formations, taking attack to compensate for defense, most of the remaining team need at least 1 Healer Companion. The following is a list of Healer Companions :



Skill Characteristics


Heals for % of max health point for all team and reduces attack on all enemies when an ally falls


Massive healing and basic attacks have the ability to reduce cooldown skills


Heals and removes debuffs for the entire team, basic attacks have a chance to heal one or more allies with the lowest health

5. Group of Special Companion

This is a special group of Companions that only deal great damage or effect once in a match. These Companions are often used when encountering difficult opponents that cannot be overcome in the usual way.

Currently there is only 1 Companion in this group:



Skill Characteristics


Explodes itself, dealing massive damage over a wide area to the enemy, every 2 seconds from the start of the match until detonation increases its own attack.