Find out the extremely valuable Starter Pack of Tribal Punk

After player complete the short Tutorial at the beginning of the game, they will unlock the Starter Pack, a valuable support package for new player that you cannot ignore. Let's see for less than 5$, what we will get !!

1. Tony Bark -  A powerful Companion for every squads

The first gift we received through the Starter Pack was 120 pieces of Tony Bark, a Legendary Companion of the Human Faction.

Tony Bark is a Control Companion, with 2 very strong skills:

  • 100T Punch: Silent all enemies and gain damage up to 300% (When reaching level 81)
  • Pre-Emtive Strike: Decrease 40% attack of all enemies (When reaching level 121)

Tony Bark has a skill set that is considered to be quite buggy and suitable for players at all stages. In addition, this is a Companion that is very good at countering the top annoying Companion like SMOG because the active skill has the ability to interrupt condensation skill

2. 2700 Shiny Ore

2700 Shiny Ore is the next gift from the Starter Pack. With this Shiny Ore, players can use it for many different purposes to speed up their progress such as:

  • Summon 10 times at Spirit Lodge: Summon more Companion for your formation.

  • Buy Magic Scrolls, Legendary Companion Shards or buy resource packs in the Shop

  • Buy more slots in Power Totem in case of emergency

3. 5 booster packs (8 hours) of Metal Shard and Power Essence

With 5 booster packs (8 hours) of resource gathering each, players will leave up to 40 hours of playtime than players who don't buy Starter Pack.

The experience of effective use of these booster packs is to go through the stage until you encounter a too strong opponent that you cannot overcome at the moment, then use the above packages to add resources to upgrade squad. The higher the level, the more resources they bring.

4. 300 VIP points

Although VIP points can be obtained through passing stages, in the early game this is a huge resource that takes a long time to gain. 300 VIP points will bring players straight to VIP 3 with perks like:

  • 240 Elite Companion Shards
  • 15 Legendary Companion Shard
  • All the privileges of VIP1, VIP 2
  • Increase the amount of resources collected through the chest by 115%
  • 3 times use Godspeed per day
  • 2 free Arena joins per day
  • Chest filling time increased to 2 hours
  • 70 Companion slots
  • Can get 6 daily quests

To sum up, the Starter Pack is a great support package for new players at a very good price, making the player's journey very smooth. If you are a passionate player and want to build an ideal squad from the begining, then this is a perfect choice for you.