Optimal use of Totem Power

Power Totem is an important feature in TribalPunk that helps the player squad to grow in strength without using too much resources. The following article will show you how to effective use this feature:

1. Level limit

Before we research about Totem Power, we need to know the concept of Level limit. Level limit is the maximum level that a Companion of a certain star level can reach through normal upgrades. The following are the Level Limit of each Companion star level (Only visible for Companion 4 stars and above):

Level limit of Companion

Star Icon Level limit
4 100
5 120
6 140
7 160
8 180
9 200
10 240

Tribalpunk is a game with Gacha feature, so it is almost difficult for us to control which Companions we will own. Some Companions that player used often but the number of stars is only 5 and there is Companion almost unused but the number of stars is 7. This is why we need the Totem Power feature, helping to almost completely remove the barrier of Level Limit.

2. Make the most of the Totem Power feature

We will learn about ways to make the most of Totem Power:

2.1. Only upgrade 5 Companions with the highest number of stars

In Power Totem, the player will put their Companion in and the Totem will level up all the Companions to the level of the 5th highest level Companion in the squad. We call that 5th Companion is the Base Companion. Because of this, use your resources to upgrade the 5 Companions with the highest number of stars in the squad (including the Main character) so that the Companions placed below the Totem Power could break through to the level of the Base Companion.

In the image above, we can see some Companions that even have a star level of 4 but are currently level 120 due to the influence of Totem Power. The level limit now only affects the top 5 Companions, making it easier for players to build squads.

2.2. How to change Base Companion in Totem Power

During the game, the player's squad will constantly have fluctuations resulting in the Base Companion's star being lower than some of the Companions in the Power Totem. Therefore, players need to know how to change the Base Companion thereby increasing the overall level of the entire squad. The process to change the Base Companion includes the following steps:

  • Determine that the Companion will become the Replace Base Companion
  • Go to the Reset feature in Spirit Lodge, reset the level of the Current Base Companion (Cost 100 Shiny Ore )

  • Go to Totem Power to remove the Replace Base Companion and upgrade this Companion to the desired level (You can put the Reseted Companion in an empty position in Totem Power to get a new level)

3. The Role of the Main Character in Totem Power

We have mentioned many times that theMain character (MC) is the most important factor in the squad because of the variety in gameplay and the power of a 10-star Companion. Due to the mechanics of the game, NVC is always the highest level Companion, which greatly affects how to upgrade the squad through Totem Power.

Due to the limited resources in the game, how to upgrade the squad is also an issue that concerns us. Based on Totem Power, we have 2 upgrade methods to optimize this feature as follows:

3.1. Upgrade both MC and 4 Companions have the highest star level

This is an upgrade that does not optimize the power of MC, but in return your squad will have the highest possible level. With this upgrade, upgrade the NVC and the 4 Companions with the highest star level to the highest possible level.

The advantage of this upgrade is that the player's squad will have the same level, including the Companions placed in the Power Totem. Any Companion can become a carry factor in any matches.

3.2. Upgrade the MC to 1 higher milestones levels than the 4 Companions with the highest star level

This is an upgrade to help MC maximize its power. The MC will prioritize resources to achieve the highest level milestones (like 101, 121, 141, 161, 181,...), and 4 other Companions with the highest star level will keep the level milestone less than 1 level of the MC

Example: Players upgrade MC to level 141 as shown, the remaining 4 Companions will keep at level 121.

After that, the player continues to upgrade the MC to the level 161, until this time, the remaining 4 Companions will be upgraded to the level 141.

With this upgrade, MC will become a powerful Companion, helping players easily overcome difficult levels. But in return, the remaining Companions will have to keep at a low level, so they will often be inferior to the opponent on the other side.