Tribalpunk - Basic Features Guide

Tribalpunk - Basic Features Guide

1.Spirit lodge

This feature will open when the player completes stage 1-5. There are 3 things that you need to pay attention to in Spirit Lodge:

1.1. Summon

This is where you use Shiny Ore or Magic Scroll to summon Companions (Companion). There are two types of spins, 1 spin and 10 spins. Whichever form you choose, follow the proportions below:

  • 2 Star Companion rate: 51.69 %

  • 3 Star Companion rate: 43.70 %

  • 4 Star Companion rate: 4.61%

Every time you hit a certain milestone (10, 20, 30 spins) you will receive a small gift (4 star Comp pieces , Shiny Ore ,...),to get it, tap the chest icon at the top.


The top left is the Headhunt, where the player can actively choose the Companion they want to increase the chance of appearing every time they receive a 4-star Companion from Summoning (This does not increase the rate of 4-star Companion from Summoning).



1.2. Reset

Reset is the second feature of Spirit Lodge. In this feature, players can bring 1 Companion they upgraded back to lvl 1 and return all upgraded resources with 100 Shiny Ore


This function is often used to reclaim the resources of Companion that have been raised to high levels but rarely use them, then dedicate those resources to Companion more suitable for breaking important levels (level 31, 61, 81, 101, 121). Please consider carefully before using this function.


1.3. Retire

This is the final feature of the Spirit Lodge. Players will give their 1-star Companion a rest, and get it back Companion Coin (Used to buy 4-star Companion shards) along with Power Essence ( Level up Companion).

At the bottom of the Retire feature, there is an Auto retire Common Companions button that helps players automatically Retire 1-star Companion when spinning in the Summon feature.

2. Ascension Altar (Altar)

Altar is where players increase their Companion’star level by combining two or more Companions together. The rule of combinations follows this diagram:



  • 1 star Companion can't use this feature

  • 2 stars Companion → 3 stars need 2 more Companions like the original Companion (Copy)

  • 3 stars Companion → 4 stars need 2 more Companion of the same Faction with the original Companion

  • 4 stars Companion → 5 stars need 1 copy of the original Companion

  • 5 stars Companion → 6 stars need 2 “5 star” Companion of the same Faction with the original Companion

  • 6 stars Companion → 7 stars need 1 copy of the original Companion

  • 7 stars Companion → 8 stars need 1  “7 star” Companion of the same Faction with the original Companion

  • 8 stars Companion → 9 stars need 1  “7 star” Companion of the same Faction with the original Companion

  • 9 stars Companion → 10 stars need 2 “5 star” copy of the original Companion

A few notes when using this function:

  • Increase stars for every 2 star Companion you have to avoid filling up your inventory

  • When upgrading Companion Legendary (original Companion 4 stars) from 5 stars to higher milestones, do not use materials that are other Legendary Companions because those Companions can be useful in different maps. Please use the raw materials of the Companion 2, 3 stars to upgrade.

3.Power Totem

Power Totem is an important feature that will be unlocked when the player completes stage 4-10. This feature helps your squad upgrade without using more resources.

In Power Totem, the player will put their Companion in and the Altar will level up all the Companions to the level of the 5th highest level Companion in the squad.

For example: In the picture, there is the Power Totem interface, 5 strongest Companions will be selected at the top, in which the lowest Companion of them has level 85. The lower area is where Companions are put,  all Companions that are put here will have level 85.

When starting to open Power Totem, there will only be a certain number of cells to place Companion. To open new cells, players need Totem Points get by getting daily income or if not enough Totem Point , player can use Shiny Ore to replace (Not recommended).

Some notes when using Power Totem:

  • When removing a placed Companion from the Totem Power, it takes 24 hours for another Companion to be placed in that position.

  • There are level milestones that when players raise them will greatly increase their stats and enhance skills (levels 31, 61, 81, 101, 121). To optimize the level, raise the Main character as high as possible, the remaining 4 Companions raise equally to one lower level milestone of the Main character. For example, if the main character has level 101, the remaining 4 Companions should be raised evenly to level 81 so that the characters in Totem Power will have the best level for fighting.