What's special about the plot and character creation in Tribal Punk?

Tribal Punk is a game that is not only good in terms of plot and gameplay, but each Companion in the game is built by the publisher with its own stories with depth and integrating popular elements . Let's see what interesting things are in the description and appearance of Companions in Tribal Punk!

1. Sharksbear and his Penguin lover

SharksBear is described as a very intelligent white bear who has a beautiful love but is forbidden to his penguin friend Jun because of the feud between the two families (It seems that this bear's name was inspired by Shakespeare with Romeo and Juliet, right?). One day, the young couple ran away together, our bear went to the landmark dividing the two families' territory, lifted the marker ice smashed it on the ground to break the symbol of separating his love. But then strangely, the ice didn't break but Jun disappeared after that hit. From then on, ShakesBear went on and on to find his girl, but still couldn't find her. If you flip the model behind the character, you'll see what's on the other side of the iceberg.

Well, at least the two of you are together now :))

2. Oogly and the classic story

You have read a lot of fables, fairy tales,... about the story of a hare and a tortoise, the end of which is the oversleeping hare and the triumphant tortoise. And that turtle is none other than Oogly. If you've ever wondered why Oogly always wins in the series, you've probably guessed by looking at a rocket-powered turtle. As for why the rabbit always sleeps or faints, I don't know, I just know that the tortoise is always full of hot goods on its shell and hides the baton in its body :v

3. The Avengers of Aricema Village 

In any era, there are some peoples who like to be heroes, especially in the post-apocalyptic era, when they just need to step out into the street to fight like in TribalPunk, they have more land to act. Aricema village has long been famous as the birthplace of superheroes, although it is a bit noisy and quarrelsome, but overall, this is also a safety force. for the tribe against external dangers. Let's see some member of this Avengers Squad:

   Tony Bark: Billionaire, has armor that can fly, can shoot lasers,... generally rich

   TreeBread: Veteran, has a super-hard shield painted the shape of a star, wears a uniform (Although only wearing a belt).

   Wonderella: The Heroine, with a golden rope, is from the island Themascara (sounds no different from Themyscira >.<)

   Bat Guy: Describe his superpower: "I'm rich" (And Orph..., no, I mean he always works at night).

And there is a very long line of other Super Heroes. What do you say, does it sound like any of those movies? Well, the ancients didnt told the big idea met isn't ? In the village we call it inspiration, it's just inspiration.

4. Housewares uprising

The cool Machines in the game that spray fire, create tsunamis, spray poison, ... are actually household items of people in the previous era. They once had a proud history of being tools in the service of humanity before the apocalypse struck and they all went insane:

  • Medusa, our hypnotist was actually a disco lamp


  • Siren, fish tank filter (But reports all see her cleaning up the fish)


  • What's better than a vacuum cleaner? That's right, it's a Hydra, a vacuum cleaner with many heads (Now this guy is all toxic :v)


  • Ifrit is actually a humanoid barbecue grill


5. The Secret of Zeus (Only You Know)

This is Zeus, the lord of thunder, the tycoon of the electricity industry, the supreme god that the people of the tribes and animals all respect. Well, at least that's what people think, we've all seen this as a (high-tech) cactus with a projector attached. After so many years of being despised by Factions from Human, Machine to Beast, he has found a way to combine all three Factions into him to create his current form. A forefather in the previous era once said, "If you work, you will eat, If you don't, you will eat nothing...", now everyone who talks to him has to raise their head. In fact, no one paid any attention to the tiny cactus below, but to him that was also a greater success than he could have imagined.